Our Technology

Digital X-Rays

We offer in-office digital x-rays for your convenience. Digital x-rays are computer-generated images. These images require up to 90% less radiation than with conventional film type x-rays. Instead of using the traditional silver-oxide x-ray film that must be developed and then fixed in caustic and environmentally damaging solutions, the new system takes pictures via a small electronic sensor and instantaneously transmits a picture of the tooth onto the video monitor in the treatment room. Therefore, we can see your teeth and surrounding structures immediately. Feel free to contact us for more details, or to make an appointment!

State-of-the-Art Sterilization Procedures

Our sterilization procedures meet or exceed the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. We heat-sterilize all hand pieces and instruments after each use. We only use ADA approved disinfectants. We use gloves, masks, eye protection and barrier covers at all times.

Intraoral Camera

With an intraoral camera, we can magnify your mouth and show you exactly what we're talking about on a computer screen. This allows you to see for yourself the crack, the stain, the gap, and the receding gum line. You need not -take only our word for it anymore.

Chairside Computers

Our patients have realized many benefits since we computerized and networked our treatment rooms. All intraoral and extraoral photography, patient records, written communication, and clinical information can be shared between the doctor and treatment areas instantly.

Diagnostic Wax-up

Making sure you get the right look, feel and function is the goal. The diagnostic wax-up model of your restored smile gives us a record of what you want so we begin the process with your results already known.

The model shows your new smile in its natural color and translucency. We also see how your new smile will improve any bite problems you may have. With the diagnostic model you are empowered to preview, give suggestions, make changes, and approve your personal "Smile Plan" before any procedures are begun. Not only can you see the excellent quality of the esthetic changes in your new smile, the model also gives you considerable assurances of feel and function.

Soft Tissue Laser

Dr. Vondra and the hygiene team are proud to utilize dentistry's latest technological advancement - laser periodontal therapy. In restorative and cosmetic dentistry we can contour and trim gum tissue easily and comfortably with almost no discomfort. Unlike removing tissue with a scalpel, a laser doesn't cause bleeding or swelling. Having a comfortable post-operative experience is now the norm. The laser can be used in conjunction with root planing - deep cleaning around the teeth and root. This kills bacteria that causes periodontal disease. Ask any of our staff about the benefits of laser therapy.

Implant Placement System

Dr. Vondra has been through extensive training to offer the surgical placement of dental implants at Briar Hills Dental. He has been placing implants comfortably and efficiently since 2008. The option to have your implant needs met, in the office, allows you to be treated in the fewest amount of appointments possible and saves the time and hassle of needing to be seen in a specialty office. Please call today to schedule your implant consultation with Dr. Vondra.

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  • "Best dentist I've ever been too. Upfront, honest, and doesn't pressure you into treatment you don't need. Recommend them to anyone!"
    Steve M.
  • "I was very thankful that you didn't give up with my extraction. You were very encouraging to me. Again I commend you on your perseverance."
    Doreen M.
  • "This was my first real experience with Dr. Vondra and his staff. I explained to him my concerns prior with ensuring the numbness during this procedure, especially due to the length. They were TOP notch in explaining what was taking place and checking the level of my comfort throughout. Thank you."
    Timothy W.